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Hopsized Brewing Co. started off like most craft-breweries: homebrewing in a garage! Originally from Miami, Florida, co-founders Ana and Darlyn (a.k.a Vic) relocated to Fort Myers in 2016. Vic began homebrewing May of 2019, following suggestions from Ana, given his growing love for craft beers at the time, especially NEIPAs. A few months later, they were off to winning awards at local homebrewing competitions. 

Vic continued to expand his knowledge for brewing, applying his background in science each step of the way, from learning water chemistry, recipe creation, hop utilization, blending, survivables, the importance of pH, and healthy yeast management. It wasn’t long before their entrepreneurial drive led them to formulate a business plan. A little over 2.5 years later, Hopsized Brewing Co. opened its doors in beautiful Bonita Springs, Florida.

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Michael King a.k.a Mike

From: Sarasota, Florida
Favorite Beers: Wild Ales and NEIPAs
Favorite Beer at Hopsized: Postcard
Fun Fact: I graduated from UF
Hobbies: Basketball, Vinyl, Bowling, Traveling, Howard Stern

Patric John a.k.a Pat

From: South Fort Myers
Favorite Beers: NEIPAs and Coconut Coffee Porters
Favorite Beer at Hopsized: Elusive Juice w/ Phantasm
Fun Fact: I love old-school classical music
Hobbies: Playing guitar, everything sports related, and being a dog dad

Kaitlyn Rodulph a.k.a Kait

From: Port Orange, Florida
Favorite Beers: Reds and NEIPAs
Favorite Beer at Hopsized: Sláinte
Fun Fact: I love outer space and wanted to be an astronaut when I “grew up”
Hobbies: cooking, telling jokes, traveling, playing the ukulele, anything outdoors

Sydney Sakalosky a.k.a Syd

From: Omaha, NE
Favorite Beers: Sours
Favorite Beer at Hopsized: Berry Potion or Poison Ivy
Fun Fact: I'm a huge true crime junkie
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, writing poetry, lifting, traveling

Brittany Axelson a.k.a Britt

From: Clearwater, Florida
Favorite Beers: Dark Lagers and Sours
Favorite Beer at Hopsized: Sláinte and Poison Ivy
Fun Fact: I live in a tiny house (yes like the ones you see in HGTV)
Hobbies: Wood working, gardening, 3D printing, home brewing

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